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Besides offering fantastic janitorial and cleaning supplies, Connor Associates Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies also has a variety of office supplies that you can add to your custodial supply orders. We have all the basic supplies that you may run out of and need quickly along with your usual custodial orders. Everything from envelopes and clipboards to markers and clocks are available for you when you need them. Just add them to your janitorial supply order and they will arrive with them in your delivery.

Many of the big-name brands of office supply companies have a large selection, but they will gouge you when it comes to the office supplies that they know you will need. They may say that they have a great prices, but they are selective with which products they decide to offer discounts on and which they will raise the price substantially. We at Connor Associates Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies operate on a more straightforward level, consistently offering great prices regardless of what product it is.

In this way we have set ourselves apart not only from other smaller supply companies, but even the major large-sized supply brands. We will never be inconsistent with our pricing and we always offer the competitive and affordable prices that have given us our stellar reputation as an office supplies company. We know that once you experience this unparalleled service and selection for yourself, no other company will be able to match us in every aspect.

With Connor Associates Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies, you always get the same great prices and service without any surprises.

Try us out today and we know we will be able to supply your business in the Mineola, NY area for life!

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